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C++ CodeStyler

This project is currently in start-up mode looking for contributors. If you love the awesome StyleCop for C# and wish we had a similar tool for C++, this place can be a good place for you.

Core Principles

  • CodeStyler provides value by enforcing a common set of style rules for C++ code. It will continue to ship with a single, consistent set of rules, with minimal rule configuration allowed. Developers can implement their own rules if they so choose.
  • CodeStyler ships with the ability to seamlessly integrate with Visual Studio, MSBuild, TFS, etc. Developers are free to implement custom code to integrate StyleCop into other development and tooling environments.
  • CodeStyler is free and will always be. The development is done in spare time and weekends.


tags: C++, Style, Code guidelines, Code standards, Best practices, Code Checker, Code Style

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